Your Options and things you need to know!

Fully licensed bar with the basics! Fully stocked bar (including hot drinks if required) with hand selected drinks to suit your event. All equipment and friendly staff to be of your service! 

 How do you want it run? We can run a cash bar for your guests to purchase their own drinks. Set up a pre-paid tab of the amount of your choice an open tab for the duration of your event and settled up by the end of the night..Choices,choices! 

For the real ale lovers! We can get our hands on the very best real ale out there and also offer our very own brew from our pub The White Horse Inn. As ale lovers may, or may not know it needs 48 hours for the ale to settle in order to pour the perfect pint! Therefore we would need access to your venue 48 hours prior to your event.  The catch.....once a barrel is tapped & vented (opened!) any remaining ale must be purchased at cost as we are unable to resell.

We love being used! If you just require our bar, equipment, glassware or staff  just ask. 

With no two events being the same, get in touch and we can help you put together the perfect package.