We have a broad local range of drinks to supply, listing a few below. Yet, if its not on the list doesn't mean we cant get our hands on it for you! Please note we're unable to provide every product listed due to limited bar space, so have a browse and pick your favorites! 

Oh and don't forget we can brew a special beer from out micro brewery at The white Horse Inn. Its a great gift idea for the happy couple or surprise for any occasion to make it extra special. You can even come up with a name for it yourselves! Contact us for more details.



Wine Supplier

Bijou Wines, from Wroxham.

Soft Drinks

Juices by Frobishers of Devon - 250ml bottle

Natural fruit juices sourced from the finest ingredients. No artifical ingredients and not from concetrate. Previous winner of a number of “Great Taste” gold medals.

Mixed juice drinks - Fusion by Frobishers of Devon – 275ml bottle

Made from juice squeezed and pressed from fresh fruit, these juice mixes are free from artifical flavours, colours and sweetners.

Grown up pop by Fentimans of Northumberland – 275ml bottle

Established in 1905 and brewed using original recipes these drinks are “botanically brewed” and contain only the finest natural ingredients.

Lightly sparkling drinks by Belvoir of Lincolnshire– 250ml bottle

Pressed and fresh flowers, fruits and spices, blended with local spring water to make delicious light drinks. Natural ingredients with nothing artificial at all.

Norfolk Cordial  -  14oz glass

Top quality cordials made with ingredients from Norfolk Farms. No artificial colourings, flavourings, concentrates or preservatives. 

Fever-Tree mixers – 200ml bottle

Served in 7 of the top 10 restaurants in the world. Made with natural ingredients sourced from some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the world from small specilaist suppliers.

Premium Spirits List

Adnams Copper House Distilled Gin (40%) - From the Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, the worlds most energy efficient distillary. Voted ‘the World’s Best Gin’ at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2013. Made with six carefully chosen botanicals, Adnams Distilled Gin is elegant and approachable, classically charged with juniper, rich with floral and citrus notes.

Adnams Sloe Gin (26%) - Made using Adnams Distilled Gin, the sweetness and natural bitterness of the sloes are perfectly balanced on the palate with the subtle addition of almonds to create a smooth and round spirit, with a luscious, creamy texture. Gentle aromas of red plums blend with a soft and gentle hint of marzipan.

Bloom Premium London Dry Gin (40%) - Distilled at the oldest distilary in the UK. Light, delicate and floral gin with a unique slightly sweet taste created by a bespoke blend of 3 botanicals: honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo.

Ely Gin (38%) - based in the Fenlands of Ely in Cambridgeshire and open for business since 2012 this is a very dry gin with a strong juniper flavour. A favourite with our bar staff.

Fifty Pounds (43.5%) - From an original recipe developed after the 1736 Gin Act and named after the £50 Gin Tax. Made in small batches of 1000 bottles this gin is distilled four times to guarantee its purity.

Martin Millers (40%) - Famed for reawakening the UK's interest in gin at the end of the 1990's, Martin Miller's gin is brewed in a still dating back to 1880 and uses water from their own spring in Iceland.

Sipsmiths (41.6%) - Made in the first copper still to be built in London for 200 years this is a classic, high quality, traditional London Gin with a zesty, citrus finish.

Williams Chase (48%) - Described as the most complex gin in the world this gin is the only gin to be distilled from cider apples and then combined with 11 wild botanicals. This is a full bodied, complex gin.


Havana Club 3 year old (40%) - White run with an authentic Cuban taste. Made and aged for three years in Cuba. With accents of vanilla, caramelised pears, banana and hints of smoked oak.

Havana Club 7 year old (40%) - Aged for a minimum of 7 years and designed to be drunk neat this rum has flavours of cuban tobacco and sugarcane.

Havana Club Especial (40%) - A golden rum, doube aged in young white oak barrels this rum has flavours of vanilla, caramel and a hint of woodiness from the barrels. Perfect with coke and Lime.


Adnams Barley Vodka (40%) - From the Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, the worlds most energy efficient distillary. Made with 100% East Anglian malted barley – the same used for Adnams beer – this vodka is crisp and pure with a smooth, soft finish.

Chase Potato Vodka (40%) - Voted the World's Best Vodka by the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition, Chase Vodka is the world's first super premium English potato vodka. Made on their family farm in Herefordshire, using traditional artisan methods, resulting in a smooth vodka with a naturally sweet and creamy taste.

Sipsmiths Barley Vodka (40%) - Made in the first copper still to be built in London for 200 years this is descibed as a “sipping vodka”. Flavours of vanilla and a hint of biscuit.


Bowmore 12 year old Single Malt (40%) - produced on the island of Islay in one of the oldest distillaries in Scotland. Subtle lemon and honey balanced with Islay's famous peaty, smoky flavour.

Bruichladdich, The Laddie Ten 10 year old (46%) - A long awaited whisky from Bruichladdich - a 10 year old comprising solely of unpeated spirit produced since Murray McDavid took over the distillery at the turn of the century. A landmark in their production and the beginning of a new age for the distillery.

Dalwhinnie 15 year old Single Malt (43%) - Dalwhinnie 15yo is a good introduction to the delights of single malt whisky – elegant, smooth and medium-bodied, with a light, fruity palate and a whiff of heather on the finish. Part of Diageo's Classic Malt range.

Highland Park 12 year old Single Malt (40%) - Highland Park 12yo remains one of the gold standard malts for other distillery bottlings to aspire to. With a delicious sweetness (heather-honey is their preferred description) and a warming, silky mouthfeel, this is a whisky that never lets you down. "The greatest all-rounder in the world of malt whisky". Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion

Jura Superstition (43%) - A union of two Jura malt whisky styles: one bold, strong and peated, the other warm and delicate. Superstition is a unique whisky created from the marriage of traditional Islay style peated barley and a selection of aged malts.

Laphroaig 10 year old Single Malt (40%) - Laphroaig 10yo is a full-bodied, smoky gem, with a residual sweetness and a hint of salt amid the seaweedy, peaty characters before a long warming finish. A classic dram.

Oban 14 year old Single Malt (43%) - The Western Highland representative in Diageo's 'Classic Malt' series, Oban 14yo is a superb, full-blooded fruity malt with a whiff of heather and more than a hint of smoke.